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I sing to life and to its tragic beauty...

To pain and to strife, but all that dances through me

Alexandra the Kiwwi Goddess
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My name is Alexandra...

At least, most know/call me by some derivation of Alexandra. I'm 18 and a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin under the Plan II Honors program. I shall presumptuously proclaim that I think I'm generally a pretty rockin' chica (as long as you don't piss me off. but I don't bite... [too] hard). So if you want to know more I suppose you could just talk to me and find out for yourself.

This is also where I proceed to tell you what I like & dislike with cutesy little heart-bulleted lists. I'm going to claim to be a huge bitch until you get to know me [whereupon I'm the biggest sweetheart ever] just like every single other girl on livejournal. I'm [not] saying this as a disclaimer, nor am I going to make any attempt at an apology since it's all true, so kthxbye =]

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This is who I am...

• eighteen years young
• a freshman at UT Austin, under Plan II Honors
• definitely not your typical Asian girl
• unafraid to be brutally honest
• not just another scene bitch; I swear
• the biggest romantic sap ever -- really
• proud to call myself a nerd
• ridiculously dependent on my cell phone & the internet
• the worst [best?] procrastinator
• determined, passionate, & strong-willed
• nobody without my best friends
• fiercely loyal to friends & family
• ...a bitch & a half to those that deserve it
• just a girl in love with love, trying to figure out life

I ♥ ...

♥ above all, my friends & family
♥ affectionate, personal nicknames
♥ being given gifts/notes/etc. "just because"
♥ coffee, Monster drinks [caffeine, period]
♥ feeling accomplished & worthwhile
♥ tiramisu & green tea ice cream
♥ overusing the word "ridiculous"
♥ skipping school to play on the swings
♥ the smell & feel of fresh laundry
♥ staying up all night talking on the phone
♥ taking crazy pictures in dressing rooms
♥ tight, all-encompassing hugs
♥ volunteer work & community service
♥ WFC &/or RVA &/or any bonding
♥ waking up to cute voicemails/texts
♥ when it rains cats & dogs & pink elephants

I could do without...

[×] attention whores & drama queens
[×] aZns who give Asians a bad name
[×] being betrayed or lied to
[×] boys [anyone] who manipulate/lie/backstab
[×] dependency on drugs/alcohol
[×] fake, judgemental, arrogant people
[×] feeling inadequate or mediocre
[×] not getting enough sleep
[×] people who say "im so rad" or "bitches get stitches"
[×] people who tYp3 lYk3 dIiS
[×] rumor-spreading & gossip-mongering
[×] sea cucumber, coconut, leftovers, cockroaches, durian
[×] stressing out, especially over school
[×] the unbearable Taiwanese heat, humidity, and mosquitoes
[×] when my internet randomly dies

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